Sarah Mackay, Event Producer

About us

Sarah Mackay, Event Producer, brings a breadth of talent, energy and experience to every meeting she supports.

An Event Manager for John Curley Auctions, a producer for both Larj Media and KIRO Radio and owner of Special Appeal Productions, she has coordinated events for nonprofits throughout the Pacific Northwest. She was also the Executive Producer of All My Presidents. The film—about leadership and finding one's voice—has been accepted into major film festivals around America.

As a connoisseur of producing exceptional, seamless events, Sarah understands that the difference is in the details. With every element carefully managed, Sarah ensures meetings are successful, memorable and fulfilling on multiple levels. Beyond event production, she excels at media production, writing, public speaking, public relations and content management.

Sarah earned dual degrees in Journalism and History from Colorado State University, as well as a Master's degree in Communication/Leadership from Gonzaga University.

Outside the event arena, Sarah and her family live full, Amplified lives—they love to ski, sail, hike and camp. And if that's not enough, Sarah also competes in triathlons throughout the summer months.



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