Sara Canaday

Sara Canaday

Light-Bulb Moments For Professional Blind Spots

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Admired for her captivating blend of warmth and energy, Sara Canaday is a compelling speaker and recognized expert in leadership development with bottom-line impact at the corporate level. Specifically, she helps companies' high-potential employees integrate the elusive leadership skills that research now proves are critical for corporations to succeed.

Drawing on 15 years of corporate experience, Sara has a unique gift for connecting with her audiences and ensuring they walk away with actionable strategies for positive change - strengthening leadership skills, improving business relationships, and enhancing performance. As a speaker, author, executive coach and owner of the consulting firm Sara Canaday & Associates, Sara has proudly worked with many industry leaders like Allstate Insurance, Dell Computers, IBM, USAA, Charles Schwab, Deloitte and VMWare.

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Leadership Presence

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Emotional Intelligence

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Sara strategically customizes presentations for each unique audience. She can also deliver her valuable messages in a wide range of formats - from a 40-minute keynote for 1,000 conference attendees to a two-day, hands-on workshop for 15 people.

Sara Canaday is recognized as a pioneering thought leader in her industry and throughout the corporate world. Sara has received high praise for her book, You - According to Them: Uncovering the blind spots that impact your reputation and your career, as well as her popular Career Acceleration online training academy and self-paced workbook.

Her primary areas of expertise include:

Professional Blind Spots

Sara is known for her uncanny ability to help people uncover the hidden obstacles that are limiting their job performance and their careers. No matter how smart they are, some people just don't recognize the subtle behaviors or unconscious habits that are holding them back. Through her compelling presentations and her latest book, Sara explores these professional blind spots in a way that allows her audiences to look at their career trajectories with surprisingly fresh clarity and renewed purpose.

Strategic Personal Branding

While some people might think about "personal branding" as a soft, somewhat-vague concept, Sara smashes that notion and turns it completely upside down. Applying a unique and quantifiable process, she helps professionals across the country analyze, measure and refine their brands in a way that increases their own personal market value (as well as the bottom-line benefits they bring to their employers). Sara shares the secrets of this highly acclaimed approach in a variety of different formats, including engaging keynotes, interactive workshops, and now a new on-line Career Acceleration Academy.

Next-Level Leadership

Companies nationwide have discovered that Sara is an extremely valuable resource as they work to groom their high-potential employees for leadership positions and optimal success. In fact, many corporate clients give Sara rave reviews and call on her regularly to work with their leadership training programs and rotation groups. Integrating her proven techniques to accelerate leadership readiness, Sara delivers high-impact sessions that help organizations maximize the value of their human resources.

Emotional Intelligence

During her years in corporate America, Sara repeatedly saw that awe-inspiring resumes and superior intelligence weren't the best predictors of career success. Instead, the people who advanced most rapidly demonstrated exceptional emotional intelligence (EQ) - the ability to communicate, collaborate and connect with others. Sara has a real passion for helping people incorporate these traditionally undervalued "intangible" skills, and she was certified in 2007 as an EQ assessment specialist. In her powerful presentations, Sara not only explains EQ in vivid detail but also teaches her audiences exactly how to adopt the new behaviors that can get them hired, admired and promoted.

Sara's Background

A rare blend of analytical entrepreneur and perceptive warmth, Sara Canaday has a unique gift for helping high-potential professionals to achieve their best.

Sara began her journey working full-time while she earned an MBA. As she climbed the ladder of corporate America, she repeatedly observed a surprising phenomenon: the most successful people weren't necessarily the ones with the highest IQ or best job skills. She recognized instead that career advancement was much more closely linked with how people applied their knowledge and talents -- their capacity to collaborate, communicate, and influence others.

Because of this revelation early on, Sara developed an uncanny ability to pinpoint the pivotal attributes that could make or break a career, and she was able to convey that information in a compassionately candid way. Colleagues, subordinates, and superiors alike frequently approached Sara for her advice on overcoming career hurdles and developing strategies to increase their personal market value. Despite reaching an executive position in operations with a major company, Sara realized that helping others to maximize their career potentil was truly her life's work.

Today, Sara is happily fulfilling that commitment as a speaker, consultant, coach, author, and owner of her rapidly growing firm, Sara Canaday & Associates. This venue has given her the opportunity to mentor and support thousands of people in diverse situations, inspiring many of them to move from insight to action with dramatic career results.

Sara lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband Brandon, her daughter Taylor, and her son Cole. She proudly follows the same advice she shares with her clients: be honest with yourself, never stop finding ways to improve, and - if all else fails -- head to Starbucks for a Double Mocha Latte with extra whipped cream.


"Sara is a dynamic and engaging speaker who uses specific work examples to tell a powerful story. I've had the opportunity to attend several leadership and career acceleration overviews created by Sara and found the information to be both valuable and memorable. Sara made the material interesting and relevant for the Allstate audience made up of various levels and tenure. I highly recommend reaching out to Sara to build and develop your talent pool."

-Dawn Sullivan: Allstate Insurance, Senior Manager; Corporate Relations

"Sara Canaday was a workshop speaker for the marketing rotation program at the annual Dell Global Connect Conference...working with 25 of our high-potential Dell employees from around the world. Sara shared her leadership expertise during a two-day workshop that got top reviews from attendees and senior management. Her sessions were highly interactive, engaging and effective." --Sue Collard: Dell Computers, Marketing Programs Strategist; Marketing Talent & Capabilities

"I had the opportunity to hear Sara speak at the MBA Women International Leadership Conference last year. Shortly after, the option to enroll in her Career Acceleration Academy arose, and I seized the opportunity. Through her course, I have dramatically increased my leadership presence, identified my strengths, and acquired the tools to eliminate my professional blind spots. In addition, I learned to practice more perspective-taking and think more global in scale, and I have written concrete career and development goals. Given the chance again, I would absolutely enroll in this course! It is a wonderful program for both personal and professional development." --Kristi Duvall: The BoxMaker, Sales Coach

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