Lynne Lancaster
and David Stillman

"When Generations Collide"

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"When Generations Collide... shines a light on the cultural age difference---and makes it as exciting as a brave new world."
- Diane Sawyer, ABC TV

Lynne Lancaster's and David Stillman's keynote presentations and workshops feature Lynn as the classic Baby Boomer and David as the entrepreneurial Generation Xer. They're two nationally known speakers/authors who untangle the mysteries of who the generations are and why they behave the way they do in the workplace and in the marketplace. Their deep insights and practical solutions are based on extensive research and hands-on experiences with some of America's foremost companies.

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David Stillman already has packed more into one career than most people pack into a lifetime. He interned for the TV show, "PrimeTime Live," and traveled the world as a reporter covering the end of apartheid in South Africa and the fall of the Soviet Union.

Upon returning to the United States, David joined an interactive multimedia firm as creative director. His communications work earned him numerous accolades including medals at the NY Film Festival and the coveted CLIO Award.

Lynne Lancaster is a Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude graduate of the University of Minnesota. As a management consultant and communications coach, Lynne built a stellar corporate clientele. She has written numerous articles on management and marketing for publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Nation's Business, and The Futurist. Her work with CEO-author Harvey Mackay resulted in five best-selling business books, including Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive and Pushing the Envelope.

Lynne and David's best-selling book, WHEN GENERATIONS COLLIDE: Who They Are. Why They Clash. How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work (HarperCollins, February 2002) is based on findings from their national Generations survey and their experiences as consultants to many of America's major corporations. Recently, they were featured in TIME Magazine and appeared as guests on CNN, CNBC, the Today Show and numerous local radio and TV programs.

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