Gary Lynn

Award-Winning Speaker on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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Dr. Gary Lynn is a multiple award-winning speaker, author and professor. He is a tenured professor at the Stevens Institute and Chairman of an international consulting company. Dr. Lynn started, built and sold three companies and was formerly Chief Innovation Officer and Senior Managing Director of Spencer Trask, a New York based venture capital company that placed $1.2 billion in over 100 technology businesses during the past decade.

He was selected by Business 2.0 Magazine as one of the nine leading management gurus in the country; prior guru selections include Peter Drucker and W. E. Deming. He was also named twice (2003 and 2008), as one of the seven most prolific thought leaders in the field of Technology-Innovation Management by the International Association for the Management of Technology (IAMOT). Dr. Lynn has written four books on innovation and earned a Bachelor of Mechanical engineering degree from Vanderbilt University, a Master of Management from the Kellogg School at Northwestern, and a Ph. D. in marketing and new product development from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Lynn was invited by the King of Malaysia to give a keynote on the innovation process that he created to help Malaysians improve their ability to innovate.


Lean Innovation (Target: Senior Leadership Meetings within Corporations)

This presentation is based working with senior leaders from around the world -- and in a matter of days, having them formulate, “test”, and validate new product and service ideas. It is kind of like brainstorming on steroids. Attendees have achieved phenomenal success using the Lean Innovation approach. In one senior-leadership workshop, ten new product lines were formulated in five days. Lean Innovation is based on the Probe-and-Learn theory that I developed (published in the California Management Review) and represents a new paradigm to slash development time and cost by 50% or more while improving the overall success rate. The fundamental principle behind Lean Innovation is creating a “Protocept” (i.e., a “Minimum Viable Concept”) and taking these designs out to the marketplace early and often. The Minimum Viable Concept differs from what others call a minimum viable product. This keynote explains Lean Innovation and how do to it.

Attendees learn . . .

  1. How to supercharge a new product or service initiative.
  2. How to cut innovation time and cost by 50%.

Your Salesforce: The New Frontline for Innovation

This presentation is based on my executive course at Stevens over the past nine years where I discuss a new paradigm in innovation. In this new approach to innovation, salespeople form the foundation in creating innovative and profitable new products and services. This speech will take your audience through five stages of the new sales-driven innovation process to revitalize and invigorate a company's product line. The audience will be introduced to a proven process that shows how sales people can find, vet and present new/profitable ideas to senior leadership.

Attendees learn . . .

  1. How to convert customer ideas into profitable pipeline concepts.
  2. How to reliably capture customer input for new products and services.

Innovation is Everyone's Job (Ideal for Corporate Customer Meetings and New-Product Launch Events)

This presentation is based on five years of working with the Department of Defense where customers partner with companies to create new products and services. The King of Malaysia invited me to give a keynote on this topic in Malaysia – which is forming the bases of the new National Innovation Curriculum in Malaysia. This speech shows customers how they can get involved in the innovation process and provides them with a systematic process for providing accurate and reliable ideas for new products and services.

Attendees learn . . .

  1. How customers can partner for innovation.
  2. How to obtain accurate and actionable customer input to create new and profitable new products and services.

For the Education Market . . .

Kickstart Your Career: that builds on getting 31 student teams accepted on Kickstarter in one semester – in only six weeks -- and discusses how students can create their future vs. being dependent on someone or some company to hire them.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: a new way for universities and students to view their education -- demonstrating several key ingredients to being a successful innovator/entrepreneur: 1) Not to Have an Entitlement Attitude; 2) Trying Something New; 3) Overcoming the Fear of Failure; and 4) The Power of Determination and Persistence.

Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset:
While not all students want to be an entrepreneur, having an entrepreneurial mindset can set them apart from others. This talk discusses this new movement and summarizes entrepreneurial thinking i.e., 1) Being able to overcome obstacles; 2) Having an appreciation of the value of time; 3) Being competitive and having a desire to win; 4) Being profit motivated; 5) Being socially responsible and acting ethically; and 6) Creating wealth for themselves and for others.

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