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Dan's mission is to help people bridge the gap between what they know and what they do, empowering them to create a life abundant with achievement, rewards and fulfillment. He accomplishes this by changing the way people view themselves and their responsibilities. This new orientation is what he calls Success in Action.

Dan began his entrepreneurial career at the age of twelve as a professional juggler. The practice and performance of juggling enabled him to start a business, pay for a college education and travel to a vast array of interesting places. And, more importantly, it taught him the mindset for handling many tasks simultaneously.

The key to juggling is that you never look down at your hands. You must always look up. Jugglers must synthesize all of the objects in a way that enables success. Instead of narrowing focus to the next throw and next catch (a strategy which brings instant failure), you e x p a n d your focus to see the pattern of how all the objects fit together.

When he first learned to juggling three balls, Dan felt fantastic, and was so excited that he immediately tried juggling four, and had no success whatsoever....because he was trying to juggle the four balls in the same pattern he'd learned for three. They repeatedly crashed into one another and ricocheted in every direction.

His mentor gave profound advice. "When you add the fourth ball, you need to learn a new pattern. You're not just piling on to the way you already know how juggle three. The addition of one more ball changes the entire pattern."

The addition of one more object to a juggling exercise-or one more objective to our life-indeed changes everything. We are a synthesis of what we experience, and each aspect of our lives influences everything else we do.

People tend to focus on their hands...that is, they focus on the day-to-day, moment-to-moment frenetic bombardment of tasks they encounter. They hone in on obstacles that stand in their way and the numerous potential challenges that face them.

Dan believes that we need to look up to see and identify a different pattern. By defining our pattern and taking responsibility for the objects (objectives) we are handling, we can see and shape the pattern. We begin to focus upward on the fluid integration of all goals.

Then, you can evaluate your life from a higher point of focus and ask essential questions, including: How many objectives am I juggling right now? What are they? Which ones are most important? What am I adding to the pattern? Do I need to take something out of the pattern first? Do my objectives support one another, or are they on a collision course with other aspects of my life?

A clearly defined visual image of your "life pattern" will keep you focused on priorities and help you take action with confidence.

Furthermore, success in life is not determined by your circumstances, but by your actions. It's not what you know, it's what you DO with what you know that has transformative power. Most people already know what they should do, yet for various reasons, they do not follow through. They fail to take action in a way that has long lasting success.

His programs include:

Off Balance On Purpose

Maintaining your balance in today's off-balance world is never ending challenge. That's why Dan tells you to give up trying to live your life "on balance," and start living Off Balance On Purpose. This is the only way you will experience true happiness, accomplish meaningful goals, and lead a life which has lasting significance.

The O.B.O.P. philosophy is based on three powerful principles: 

  1. You will never achieve perfect balance. You are in a constant state of being off balance, making adjustments in one area of life that affect other areas of your life. 
  2. Being "Off Balance" is the desired method of operation. Off balance is how you accomplish goals, grow, and make a meaningful difference to others. 
  3. "On Purpose" has two very important meanings: First, your actions must be intentional and deliberate. This means taking responsibility for what you do and making conscious choices about how you will invest your precious resources of time, energy and money.

Secondly "On Purpose" means that your decisions and actions are directly linked to your values, beliefs, mission, and goals. Instead of living a life of activity, you need to start building a “pattern of action” that comes from the very core of who you are. 

Key Outcomes 

Speaking with Visual Impact™

When Dan became a professional speaker, he chose to focus on his own unique style that calls Speaking with Visual Impact™. Because his message is all about action, it is not enough for him to speak about the subject. He demonstrates his points using all his favorite pursuits-speaking, entertainment, gymnastics, juggling and physical comedy.

He illustrates the concept of taking action with the execution of a tumbling series, teaching people how to more effectively handle multiple priorities with principles of world class juggling demonstrations. He shares experience and techniques for taking on new challenges with success, and then tests his message by having a member of the audience challenge him to juggle any three objects atop a six foot unicycle.

In his live seminars, these demonstrations create energy and excitement that heightens the audience's emotional state. The routines serve as visual and emotional "trigger points," connecting the audience-intellectually and emotionally-to the material and message of his program. These emotional triggers create increased involvement during the presentation and significantly increase audience members' long-term retention of key concepts.

Each program Dan delivers is a synthesis, combining his powerful message with the client's strategy, objectives and goals for the meeting. Dan's extensive experience, preparation and professionalism ensure that each program achieves targeted results.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar to you?

"Action" is the Key to Success

When faced with multiple objectives, people tend to choose the ones that are most familiar and comfortable, even though those are not the keys to making forward progress.

Dan empowers people to take action, stretch their beliefs and abilities, and create a life abundant with achievement, rewards and fulfillment.

Success in Action

Dan's flagship keynote program, Success in Action, has inspired and propelled thousands of individuals to achieve greater results in the midst of change. Are demands for your time and performance making it difficult to focus on what you are trying to achieve? Dan will help you regain control of your accelerated life. Success in Action is an inspirational program that teaches and illustrates personal management of multiple responsibilities. You can do more than you think you can, and during this presentation you will learn how to accomplish more of your important tasks in less time with precision, confidence and satisfaction!

Each of these facets affects all the others. Decisions we make in one area, affect every other. You will discover the "life lines" to keep your pattern intact. You will learn the five tools for maintaining a healthy pattern, the skills of engaging, disengaging, connecting, disconnecting and synthesizing the multitude of activities in your life. This interactive session will guide you so that you begin to visualize and shape the patterns at work in your life. This ability gives your actions greater purpose and your life an enhanced sense of balance and control.

Dan uses all of his skills to enhance and magnify his message in a way the audience is sure to remember! His message is always on target, as he works hand-in-hand with each client to achieve predetermined outcomes.

Breakout Sessions/Workshops:
Available for an additional fee when Dan is engaged for a Keynote Program

Accelerated Learning Workshop

During this hands-on workshop, you will learn to break through previous conceptions of your own abilities. Everyone in the audience will practice, both mentally and physically, the process of learning at today's driving pace. Taking the juggling analogy one step further, all the participants will learn to juggle while Dan teaches key concepts including:

Just a few of Dan's many Testimonials

"It was like you were part of our team. Your ability to tailor your remarks and the flow of your presentation to include the challenges and opportunities we face really made a big difference to the audience. We look forward to seeing you at many more meetings for Deloitte and Touche." Richard C. Jones III, National Director of Sales Operations. Deloitte & Touche

"I've received great ideas from speakers before- usually a new way to prioritize my day timer or deal with difficult co-workers. Dan inspired me to think beyond that- to think about balancing my life as a whole. Whether or not we choose to admit it our whole life affects our job. I am an employee, mom, student, wife and individual. In the past, speakers have inspired me for a few days and then the enthusiasm fades. After a week I don't even remember their names. It's been two weeks since Dan's presentation and now I think of my multiple tasks as one "different" task, which has helped me tremendously." Aimee Lipnickey, The Hanover Company

"The evaluations have been outstanding. The power behind your motivating speech helped us improve the attitudes and commitment of our entire sales force!"
Elaine Acosta, GlaxoSmithKline, Puerto Rico

"Dan's presentations go beyond motivation- he manages to stimulate and encourage everyone present to reach beyond their perceived limits and attain new levels of achievement and success in their personal and professional lives."
Jack E. Middleton, President and CEO, Southern Motor Carriers

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