Candace Bel Air

Emmy Award-winning Reporter, Anchor, Executive Producer

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Certainly giving a speech is much more than having an important message. It's about effective communication. HOW you say it matters more than WHAT you say. And Candace Bel Air ensures your delivery shines.

That's why she helps groups within major corporations hone their presentation skills so they perform at their optimum level before a wide range of audiences.

Candace is an Emmy Award-winning Reporter, Anchor and Executive Producer for CNN, Newsweek, LifetimeTelevision and KIRO-TV (Seattle CBS affiliate); as well as Paris Correspondent for the United Stations Radio Network. During her 12-year broadcast career, she conducted thousands of interviews...from the "man on the street" to world leaders such as President George Bush and British Prime Minster Edward Heath.

Since then, Candace has trained top tier executives at Microsoft, Eddie Bauer, Borders Books, Dreyer's Ice Cream, Washington State Patrol and Waste Management.

Whether you're presenting to three people around a conference table, or 3,000 executives at a national convention, make sure you do it right. With Candace at the helm, you will excel.

"I've had such training before. Working with you was the first time I felt I actually learned something." Mark McNeely, Founder and Advisory Board Chair, Qpass

Candace's topics include:

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