Bill Stainton

Bill StaintonMulti Emmy Award-Winning Comedian and Speaker; internationally known Beatles expert

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Bill is a multiple Emmy Award-winning TV producer, writer, and performer; a highly sought-after keynote speaker; and an internationally-recognized Beatles expert.

Not bad for a kid who grew up behind a dairy farm in the Amish countryside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Today Bill blends the business smarts he learned from twenty years in corporate management with the show biz sparks he gleaned from working with people like Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jay Leno to create riveting presentations enjoyed by audiences around the world. Focusing primarily on the areas of leadership, teamwork, and innovation, Bill calls upon his background as a comedy writer to customize each keynote to each individual client. (And, unlike some "leadership" speakers, Bill has actually led a successful team!)

So what's his background? Well, for fifteen years, Bill was the executive producer of Seattle's legendary comedy TV show, Almost Live! (which also enjoyed a two and a half year run in national syndication on Comedy Central). Along the way, he won 29 Emmy Awards for his work as a producer, writer, and performer. He's also written for HBO, NPR, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In addition, Bill has authored nine corporate training programs in subjects ranging from Office Politics to Customer Service to Team Motivation. His programs are currently being used by hundreds of organizations, from IBM and Boeing to Paramount Pictures and the CIA. (And yes, the fact that the CIA is actually using Bill’s training materials is a cause for worry!)

Bill is the author of The 5 Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made: A Handbook for "Top of the Charts" Success, and a co-author of Humor Us: America's Funniest Humorists on the Power of Laughter. As either the opening, closing, or luncheon speaker for your next event, Bill sees his responsibility to your audience as three-fold:

Keynotes include:

The Emmy® Effect: How to Develop and Lead Award Winning Talent and Teams

You can get more ideas—and better results—from your team!

Finally, a "talent leadership" keynote by somebody who has actually led talent!

What's the issue?

You've put lots of time, energy, and resources into building a great team. As Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, says, “you've got the right people on the bus." Your team is bright, creative, energetic. BUT…you’re still not getting the results you want.

So what's the problem?

The problem is that although we do spend lots of time, energy, and resources building great, creative teams, we don’t spend lots of time, energy, or resources learning how to lead them. It's like buying a wonderful, sophisticated piece of software and then never reading the owner's manual. Sure, you get some things done—but most of the potential is wasted. The truth is that nurturing, leading, and motivating a creative team takes a different kind of leader and a different kind of leadership. This doesn't mean you have to get new leaders—you just have to teach them a few new skills.

Now, what would it look like…

…if you could get your teams to live up to their full potential—to come up with the solutions to today's problems and tomorrow's challenges? How would it impact your bottom line if your leaders were given the key to unlock the brilliance of their teams?
That would be great! But why Bill?

Because he's done it, and he's got the Emmys to prove it.

Only two people in America have 15 years of experience developing and leading creative talent in an Emmy Award-winning sketch comedy TV show.

One of these people is Lorne Michaels, who created Saturday Night Live. The other is Bill Stainton.

Lots of speakers talk about managing talent and leading teams. Few of them have actually done it. 29-time Emmy Award winner Bill Stainton, on the other hand, led his team to 10 straight years of #1 ratings and more than 100 Emmys of their own.

And he's a world-class speaker to boot. Your audience will be entertained, energized, and enlightened as they learn:

His second keynote:

"The Five Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made, and Why You Should Make Them Too"

If you're looking for an energetic, entertaining, insightful, and interactive keynote presentation that will get your attendees truly excited about your event, you've come to the right place! Bill’s signature presentation, The 5 Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made… and Why You Should Make Them Too! is not just a keynote—it's a multi-media experience! Here's what you can expect:

Something New!

Expect a keynote presentation unlike any you've ever seen before. Yes, like in most good keynotes, you'll get sound, nuts-and-bolts information that you can put to use immediately. But in the next moment, you'll be laughing hysterically as your fellow audience members compete in a customized Beatles trivia game. There are song clips and video clips. And then there's the finale. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it’s something your attendees will never forget!

Something Useful!

Bill Stainton delivers a keynote presentation that schools on leadership, change and success!Expect a profusion of ideas, information, and insights that have direct applications to your audience members. During the presentation, Bill presents five decisions that, together, focus in on four primary areas:

* Leadership
* Teamwork
* Attitude
* Change

And it's not just a bunch of theory. These decisions—decisions that took the Beatles to the top of the charts—are practical, no-nonsense choices that will work for any industry, any organization, and any association.

Something Fun!

Expect to have a good time! After all, you're hiring a presenter who's won 29 Emmy Awards for his work in the entertainment business. This is a presentation where the audience gets involved—even coming up on stage to join in the fun! Consequently, your audience will leave this keynote feeling energized, brimming with new ideas, and mentally charged to take on the day!

Over his career, Bill has worked with:

Bill has also written for:

Additional programs:

Just a few of his client testimonials:

"I've never worked with another speaker who did so much research on their own about our group."

"The time and energy you put into making a presentation personal to the organization is something I haven't seen in 20 years in the business."

"I thought he was perfect…"

"Bill was a huge hit. After spending just a few minutes with me, he was able to 'personalize' his presentation to our specific audience."

"Bill Stainton's presentation exceeded our expectations! He packaged a high-impact message into a compelling, entertaining, memorable hour that held the attention of our entire employee team."

"Bill's knowledge, ability to articulate, keen wit, and creativity truly set Bill apart from other speakers we've used in the past."

Bill often serves as a stellar, name-draw Master of Ceremonies. He uses custom-written humor to keep your event upbeat, on schedule, AND...he keeps the spotlight on your organization, your attendees, and your award winners!

Travels From: Seattle, WA

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"Bill Stainton's 5 Best Decisions keynote outstanding. It was all we could have hoped for--plus. I've heard nothing but positive feedback. Many commented specifically about how well Bill prepared, including calling out our issues and tying in specific people from the association into his program."
- Washington Association of County Officials